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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  July 22, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to live from paris. let's take a look at what is making headlines this hour. the rebels and ukraine have handed over two black boxes from the downed flight mh 17 to aviation experts. is leaving aon systematic move for a cease-fire in gaza. and the world's leading islamic on the sense the persecution in -- says the persecution of
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christians is an intolerable crime. welcome back. in the final moments of flight they could finally be revealed. it has been five days since the malaysian airlines flight was down, killing all 200 and 98 people on board. trading of bodies recovered from the site has just arrived. we have more. >> vowing to international pressure, five days your mh 17 crashed into a field in eastern ukraine, the rebels turned over
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the black boxes which record cockpit activity and flight data. >> the black boxes of been returned to their owners. the malaysians. we have signed a protocol that says the malaysians will give the boxes to syntel aviation expert -- to civil aviation experts. intact. see that it is on monday, in another sign of reluctant cooperation, that forensic expert was finally to the site. >> after the crime, comes the cover-up. what we have seen is evidence tampering on an industrial scale. and obviously, that has to stop.
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carrying the remains of 280 of the passengers was finally able to leave the region. russians called for the investigation to be led by the interest community and not ukraine. drivenicide bomber has into a ukrainian ship point -- check point. we do not have any details. -- i am in, the region where there this bombing happened. reportedly, the operative word is that it was reported only by the crazy military -- the ukrainian military.
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this information has not always been her mil reliable. they claimed to have killed a thousand separatist t fighters, and they tend to exaggerate the figures on things like that. independent verification of this information, we must be cautious about whether it is really true. if it is confirmed, that would a major and very worrying development in this conflict. >> eu foreign ministers are currently media brussels to continue discussing further sanctions.
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also, written is to hold a public inquiry into the deaths .f former kgb spy alexander russia worsening him after drinking tea poisoned with a rare 80 active isotope. -- radioactive isotope. so far at least 500 70 palestinians and 29 israelis have been killed, as well as thatli officials concerned an israeli soldier presumed dead is now missing in gaza.
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>> emergency responders have no choice,ores but to -- and residents run, having nowhere to go. missiles relentlessly pound this area of southern gaza. >> where supposed to go? they are showing all over the place. the place. all over >> if you look at the distance as far as the camera can fill, right after that total chaos. f-15, and tanks. >> hours after an intense shelling, the bodies of several men are recovered and sent for
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burial. and then all-too-familiar scene in gaza, use run the dead through the streets with a chance of god is great. h run the dead through the streets with a chance of god is great. is great. notice hamasls, we banners. >> they were innocent civilians in warehouses. houses.
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>> they hope that it will improve. >> here in france, the french that thet has agreed can gon go ahead -- ban ahead. >> a strong show of solidarity after an out first of anti-semitic violence. christian, jew, and muslim leaders gather for prayer or seller money in a chance to heal a community that is profoundly shocked. >> by tearing the community apart you risk blowing up for an society, and that is intolerable. has anything to
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do with islam. we want to denounce all violence. interior minister says the paris onn for wednesday can go ahead. >> there is no ban on demonstrations, if it does not produce a threat to the rule of order. organizersders the to be responsible. opposition severely criticized the handling of last week's protest, saying that the he violence.triggered teh
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the iraqi christian family have described how they fled to ftey, they were given a 24-hour ultimatum on friday. >> we had to go through an area where they had set up a check point. we were told to get out of the car. the two-car things, our bags, they took everything we had on us. >> they have taken refuge in a church temporarily. they and other fleeing christians can go outside the city, the kurdish regional government will protect them.
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>> we saw more than 320 families coming through there. the president has asked us to help these families, the islamic state has decided to take everything from them. >> the iraqi prime minister is condemning the islamic states actions targeting christians, say they threatened centuries-old heritage. this dates back to the first century for the religion, and numbers have declined erratically in recent decades. >> these christians are thereuted periodically, were 1.2 million three years ago, and now there are around 400,000. and now they are leaving to go to syria, lebanon, the u.s., or france. led to the areas
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affected by kurdish security forces. let's take a look at what is happening elsewhere in the world. a suicide bomb has blown up outside kabul, killing four people. the nationalities of those people have not been released. the taliban has a responsibility. in south korea, the bodies they found back in june is that of the fugitive. drowned in00 people the accident that claimed the lives of many schoolchildren. he went missing shortly after the disaster, sparking a massive manhunt. election rejected --idential process is unfair
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presidential election process as unfair. ed to declare joko widodo as the governor. companies are protesting against , the frenchislation government has sought to protect traditional french companies. there has been a gun going -- an ongoing conflict between traditional companies and new ones like uber. tothey want the government u-turn onu turn on -- new legislation.
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>> i lose money. it means i will have to drive y for fuel,y, pa and pollute. it is bad news for me and i would have to close shop. triple.prices will extension 100t euros depending on the cost of the vehicle. dating eurosunder for economy class. euros for economy class. pressure thater thethat these startups are inerest -- are affect
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traditional cabs. the british royal family is marking an important anniversary, prince george's first birthday. the couple has released two new photographs of the family. is making of what news this hour. rebels in eastern ukraine handover to flight recorders to aviation experts. washington is leaving frantic -- leading frantic diplomatic cease-fire efforts for gaza. an israeli soldier presumed dead could now be missing in gaza. cution of
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christians -- persecution of christians is intolerable, says the leading authority, but the radicals have been taking everything wrong the christian -- from the christians. -- a is ruling the great growing debate over the images of the victims. netanyahuinister reacted to that over the weekend. he says that hamas wants to use the dead palestinians for their own cause. that is an interesting turn of phrase. guardian cartoonist has
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taken issue with that. and this is part of the reaction we have seen over the past couple of days. regular people, support either side, are posting images themselves to make a point. >> they have been increasingly obscene and graphic, or being guardian calls it unseen. she says that the images, they have far too many of them, are used to short-circuit a real talk about the conflict. that, but itnly devalues the dead. it is a marke of disrespect or the dead -- for the dead. remind use not just
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of the horrors of war? >> that is what some independents say, that these are origin andorange -- the babies captured in a photograph who were killed and they ended the being syrian children and not palestinian, and yet they were described along those lines. are things that are suspicious on the social networks, but at the same time it is extremely important that we maintain this wide-open access to these images. -- quotes are calling saying colleague, saying that we avoid death on television. we cannot be engaging in that avoidance because isimately what is important
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to maintain a close look at the re ghastly image to remind us of how ghastly war is. conflict, theher malaysian airlines plane that was downed in eastern ukraine. eu foreign ministers meeting today to discuss further sanctions against moscow, and the financial times as saying that vladimir putin is no longer the master strategist that some thought he was. in terms of coming under an -- enormous pressure, he is backed into a corner. but the pundits were starting to praise putin as being a master strategist committed was running circles around america in terms of ending involved in the important qualities. but now i think has changed since the crash of the flight.
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no one believes that he is not involved somehow in eastern of the, and now in terms best engaged in, that could very well get into full tilt now that there has been an agreement to go further into the investigation of what happened. now he is in the worst of all possible worlds. a few tries to obstruct any part of the investigation there will be a further western backlash. but if they allow the investigation to go only, and probably shed some light as to his role or otherwise in what is happening in eastern ukraine. >> the country that suffered the highest losses and that crash was the netherlands, and the the opportunity to wor grief.ollective
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not participate in the compulsion of the world cup, and now he says they have compulsory morning. now he is saying, that people are living a claim on my emotions. people are trying to steer me one way or another. should i feel any more sympathy toward fellow dutchman on that flight the night -- then i should for the germans who died on that flight? to feel differently to fly in the face of humanism. >> thank you for that. it is time now for the daily
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wrap and sports news. >> what has been through to play
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international football. it is too much to ask.
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please stand by. i just sent a descendent please >> on the other hand, there are
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specialists, so do not underestimate, so the contenders want to be extremely cautious. >> that will be a deciding factor. there is a 17% or 80% grade on that part of the climb. 8% grade on that part of the climb. road is a on the little bit rougher. it is hard to predict. there will be some bigger attacks. , or nothing -- attacks, or nothing. it is going to be an interesting last week. he received a heroes welcome in beijing as the nba's superstar appeared in front of
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basketball fans to begin raising awareness in asia. the growing popularity in the world's most populous country. >> every time i come here, the game grows more and more every time. for the locals, all the way from great,yers, it has been all the way before i came to 2008 in the beijing olympics, all the way to now in 2014. i think it is amazing. >> he recently announced he was >> he recently announced he was gg99ññwçça7guche cleveland
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